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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

So this next blog relates to my very first one -“Dreams go to Die When You Follow Others”, written 01/02/2018. It was focussed on encouraging people to chase after their dreams however ambitious they are and no matter what others thought. At a younger age I found that when I shared my ideas and goals with people I was advised to get real and stop living in a fantasy, I never seemed to understand this because I always believed I could do anything I set my mind to. As time went on and after returning from Nepal, I seemed to be going nowhere fast and it made me panic a little. So I listened to the advice of my elders and got a standard 9-5 job. I like my job and I love the people I work with. It makes me feel good to be a part of a normal society, get a regular wage in order to travel and look good – however what hasn’t been sitting right with me is dwelling on the fact I spend 37 hours a week working for something I do not care too much about.

Dolly Parton -

“9 to 5 Yeah, they got you were they want you There's a better life And you think about it, don't you?”

Since I remember I always told myself I will never work a basic 9-5 just for the money and that I will have an exciting job and most importantly love what I do. So why have I found myself here in this unrewarding rat race we call ‘life’? I don’t know how many more times I can listen to somebody tell me it’s reality without blowing up; I refuse to accept this reality. For some this is a simple life, work through the week, pay the bills and enjoy socialising/holidays etc. But I’ve never wanted a simple life. Let’s not get it twisted, I like my job and love going on holidays… but is this lifestyle the one I desire? My biggest fear is looking back in a few years and STILL working the same job and year by year my dreams slipping away from me. I would hate to get too caught up in this life and regret not ‘chasing my dreams’. It sounds so cliché this whole chase your dreams thing. But if you’re serious about them and work towards them every day then it is possible to achieve them. I don’t want to be the person who never had the courage to follow their dreams.

“Approximately 22% of adults do pursue their childhood dream job and 90% of those fall into a category with reports of high job satisfaction. You may not be #1 but the only way to get there would be to continuously work hard to achieve your dreams and never let it go – wouldn’t you rather live your life loving what you do?”

This quote from my first blog stands out to me because it shows that the small percentages of people who are brave enough to do their thing are very happy with their careers. Think about it, a lot people who do stay in their dead end jobs probably hate the job they do and can’t wait to get home at the end of the day or to retire!!! If reports show that those who go for the job they dream of are very satisfied then what am I doing wasting my time here? My perspective may be different if I had a mortgage or a child, but I don’t so really now is the best time to take risks. Saying that, I’ve spoken to some inspiring women who said they have left their jobs of 10 years with 2 children and houses to pay for yet they have never been happier since leaving and focussing on their goals. I’ve also spoken to women who work full time, have kids and still manage to find the time to work on their side hustles. So it’s all possible. You just have to work out what’s best for you but don’t ever think there’s not 100 other options out there waiting for you.

It all really comes down to you being aware of the choices you’re making and taking time to ask yourself - am I happy? Does this feel right? What are my options? Don’t be scared of going for something out of ‘your lane’ - create your own one. Going back to dreams dying when you follow others, it’s easy to accept the advice you receive or listen to other people’s judgements but when you start living by their words you are denying yourself the freedom to start loving what you do. Do it for your own happiness not somebody else’s.

Going back to my own confused little brain –

· I am in the job I’m in now because I was told it would be good and I needed money.

· I like the job because it’s easy going and love the people.

· I enjoy my holidays and buying nice things for people and myself.

· I feel secure with the monthly wages.

All these positives so why would I leave?

· Because this isn’t my ‘dream job’ and I don’t love it, some say it’s the real world which I could accept but I know there is plenty of other options.

· Because money isn’t everything and it pisses me off that most people judge success by money and material items, even so, I could be working here for years on the same wage forever whereas if I left to improve my skills and gain more experience yeah I may be working for nothing for a while but over the years I could be earning way more than in my dead end job, and I would also be working on my own schedule.

· Working and looking forward to my holidays is not how I want to be living for the rest of my life, I want to work on something I’m passionate about and something that excites me to wake up in the mornings.

So this blog I started to write a couple days ago and my perspective is fluid I’m always having different opinions on what to do. One minute I’m like fuck this let me just leave right now, the next I’m like mehh the moneys cool lets book some holidays. And I love the holidays so hey why not just stay and look forward to them, well NO! I refuse to let myself get stuck in this life but I don’t want to leave myself broke and unemployed. If anybody is having similar feelings in relation to my situation, the best thing you can do is take some time to yourself to weigh out your options and list all the pro’s and con’s. Try not to make any drastic decisions. It would have been easy for me to just leave my full time job and get on with other bits, but it’s smarter for me to stay and perhaps think about going part time that way I’ll still have the regular incomes but also lots of spare time to get involved with other projects and gain more experience.

I’m not suggesting everybody quits their jobs, but I am suggesting we all be a little more conscious when thinking of our futures and not get too caught up in the now. Making small changes and always thinking of the next step on how to get where you wish to be will help you get there slowly – especially for younger people, we still have the freedom to take risks when many older people with big responsibilities have fewer options. I don’t want anybody to feel stuck doing something they feel they ‘should’ do if it’s not getting them where they need to be, of course have something in place to cover your bills but most of all don’t forget what’s important to you and what you care about. Make something of your dreams.

It’s not all about money, money is amazing of course but it’s not the answer to all of your problems and won’t bring you full happiness. Try to make sure you have time and energy at the end of your days’ work to do what makes you happy no matter what that is. I’ve been finding that I come home and I just feel deflated and uninspired and I can’t let it carry on. It’s easy when you’re enjoying life to just go with the flow, and although the flow may be happy and calm – it’s easy for your dreams to drift away with the wind without you even realising. People say it’s growing up but I’m here to question that. I want to be an old woman who is still living her dreams and smashing her career, not somebody who looks back with regrets thinking ‘what if’. So, don’t forget to weigh out your options and always have a back-up plan. There is more to life than your dead end job; you just have to put yourself out there and not give up.

Hope this has been helpful for somebody and if anyone has any advice or stories to share I would love to hear them ♡ ♡ ♡.

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