Vegboxes and Ecobricks - The New Solution?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Supporting Local Suppliers and Ditching Pointless Plastic

It's no new news to anybody that non-recyclable plastic is polluting our oceans and killing wildlife. It's also nothing new to hear that we should be adding more fruits and vegetables to our diets. But despite worrying about our health and the wellbeing of our planet - the majority of us take little action to create a better lifestyle for ourselves and the future generation.

Assuming that the majority of people, especially in the city shop at supermarkets, I'm sure you have noticed the pointless packaging on most food items. Perhaps you have also noticed the premature shelf life on fruits and vegetables bought at supermarkets. This is why I believe we should consider supporting more local suppliers.

Here are my reasons for wanting to encourage this idea -

-By buying produce locally, you will be supporting small businesses often family run and from areas closer to your community.

-Your food will typically last a lot longer and taste fresher when buying in local markets, as they have not been mass produced to nor travelled far to reach the stores.

-You will come across more seasonal fruits and vegetables which grow far bigger and tastier.

-There is no packaging like the non-recyclable packaging which covers most foods in supermarkets.

-You can select the exact weight/portion you desire.

-Ultimately, it is a LOT cheaper than household supermarkets.

So I'd like to focus on an idea which I believe will kill two birds with one stone‘vegboxes’ from local markets/farms. So where can you get veg boxes?

Here are my top two suggestions targeting residents of South Wales -

1. Sullivan’s High Class Greengrocers, Cardiff Market, St Mary's Street. Sullivan’s won Fresh Produce Provider of the Year in 2018 and The Food Awards Wales 2018 so there is no doubt that their products are fresh, tasty and that they offer a brilliant service.

I have many friends working in the area who often buy food from Sullivan’s and they always tell me to go there as the food tastes beautiful, is grown larger than usual and has a way longer shelf life.

I understand people are very busy and that price and convenience are often top of our priorities. Of Course it would be more convenient to go to your local supermarket, but take into consideration the benefits of sourcing food locally. If you’re unable to get to your local market or prefer to get home deliveries, why not think about getting vegbox’s delivered straight to your door – FOR FREE! No subscriptions or contracts required.

2. Riverford Organic Farmers ‘Live Life on the Veg’– Winner of the Ethical Product of the Year, supporting local family run farms helping produce organic fruits, vegetables and meats.

Riverford would be a great option for you if you’re looking to get creative with your cooking as they offer free recipe books with orders to suit you, weather you’re a meat eater or vegan! You can also order ingredients for specific meals plans. Only delivering beautiful, seasonal, 100% organic boxes of veg that will change the way you think, the way you cook and the way you live. Not being dramatic but I tried one of their apples last week when I came across these guys at the stall and it actually was so beautiful lol.

Like most market suppliers, Riverford avoids pointless plastic packaging well and uses 83% less than supermarkets do. They only use packaging when necessary for keeping foods fresh. Riverford was also the first company to discovercompostable beach nets which you can use in your home compost heap or council compost bin (food waste). So far, they’ve saved 182km of plastic net!

So of course some items will be kept in non-recyclable plastic packaging for freshness, protection and hygiene – I’m not expecting anybody to boycott them. But instead of just throwing that waste straight to the bins which end up in our seas, alternatively you could consider Ecobricks.

My first Ecobrick.

Creating Ecobricks could be the new solution to lowering plastic waste pollution. It’s widely used in 3rd world countries to create houses, boats and walls – however now it’s being used in the UK for furniture, garden spaces and even some infrastructures.

Plastic doesn’t disappear, after years it breaks down into tiny pieces. The aim with Ecobricks is to lower the amount of plastic waste which goes into our seas and can ultimately end up being consumed by the animals we and foods we consume!

Rebecca Evans shared this post which reached many people on facebook. The main point here which we cannot just scroll past and ignore is that -

‘we need to all take responsibility for our wonderful world and do our bit to make a positive change’.

I don’t want to see the same people saying they can’t be bothered to do this because it’s time consuming being the ones complaining that the world is dying. It only takes a little effort.

Take things back in time, be a little oldschool! I feel 'time' is used as an excuse too often now, don't have time for this, don't have time for that. We do have time. It's how we use it. There's so many gadgets and machines now that help speed processes up, I feel it's made us impatient and lazy as people. Fast food, ready-made meals - the things people of the past may have dreamed of, and now the things we often indulge in too often - forgetting to appreciate the goodness of real food and homemade meals.

You can find out more about Ecobricks by joining their Facebook group 'Ecobricks UK' or by going to

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