Talking to Strangers: Shop Edition

For my first edition of the Talking to Strangers project, I took to the shops of Cardiff to chat to some people whilst they we're at work. They were all surprised at the questions I'd asked, so out of the ordinary compared to the autopilot conversations they'd usually have. I feel like nowadays if you don’t know somebody it’s just not a thing to make the effort to talk and get to know them. Especially when in and out of shops, always in such Everybody is so distant, despite being guilty of stalking strangers once in a while online. It’s interesting to see that we’re not all that different and can relate with one another in lots of ways.

Name – Alex

Fave music artist – Jay Z

Life dream – win the lottery

Life advice – always be polite, manners cost nothing

#1 goal to do soon – travel

Name – Luca

Fave music artist – Rolling Stones

Life dream – to travel the world

Life advice – invest in property

#1 goal to do soon – drive a formula 1 car

Name – Katrik

Fave music artist – Akon

Life dream – early retirement

Life advice – think before you take any action

#1 goal to do soon – travel to exotic places

Name – Rich

Fave music artist – Elton John

Life dream – win the lottery

Life advice – take out a pension when young

#1 goal to do soon – go on a cruise ship

Name – Faris

Fave music artist – Martin Garrix

Life dream – pursue career in dj’in —– dj hefty

Life advice – it’s not how old you are it’s what you do with the time you have

#1 goal to do soon – snowboarding/skydiving

Name – Emma

Fave music artist – Sean Paul

Life dream – to be rich

Life advice – work hard at what you love

#1 goal to do soon – travel to nice places

Name – David

Fave music artist – Bruno Mars

Life dream – to get good grades

Life advice – when things get tough keep going and stay motivated

#1 goal to do soon – meet Lionel Messi

Being the first time going out to take photographs of people and talk to them, I was extremely nervous. That is the reason it took me so long to get going with the project. However I found it quite easy chatting to people and they were often just as nervous as me, which made me wonder what I was even nervous about to begin with. The thought of rejection had me worried, but I probably got rejected more times than I was successful but you gotta keep trying lol.

Hope you like xxxx

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