Regular Thoughts

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

You know them ideas that pop to your head when you're about to sleep or are daydreaming watching life go by but they just end up drifting away and becoming nothing but distant forgotten thoughts which you at one point strongly believed would be an amazing creation or a lot of fun.

Yeah those ideas are the ideas you need to remember and bring to life to make you happy and release your inner child and creative soul which we often brush away when growing older and morphing into this constructed life we call reality.

I understand the artists and geniuses who have lived before me but have been labelled as crazy for showing their mind to the ignorant shy world we are growing up in only respecting and understanding their talents when they are dead instead of understanding and embracing the madness together in the moment.

I don't know. I ask, do you ever have them moments when you are expressing your feelings being open and free and someone mistakes you for being mad intense or off your head when you're actually just living to your highest human emotions and freeing yourself?

Perhaps I'm just crazy.

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