International Women’s Day Special

My focus for this blog is to talk about the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin and embracing natural beauty. Some of you may think it’s not that deep but actually, it is. Because young girls especially get so caught up in the online world of glamour and are living their lives trying to live up to it. Thinking we have to look ‘photo ready’ and if we’re not dolled up that were not good enough for a picture or to be out in public too long – lol?! Most young ladies feel their best when they are dressed well with hair and makeup on fleek, and as the saying goes “look good, feel good”, you may argue that this is a good thing however one part of me has to disagree because we should feel our best regardless of how on point the outside is looking.

Reality is we are all imperfectly perfect human beings made to embrace our uniqueness. 

Real beauty is felt from within.

Most girls I’ve spoken with have said they feel their best when they have their makeup on and hair done. So when you feel your best your behaviour is better, you feel happier, more confident and ready to go and slay the world.

Compare that to –

A day where you had no time to do yourself up in the morning. I guess you’d feel the opposite to the above, probably feel shitty, keep yourself to yourself, do what needed to be done then go home hoping nobody would see you?

Obviously this won’t apply to everybody because there are a lot of people out there who are comfortable with themselves, but there are also loads this will apply to. Regardless, it shouldn’t be like this. You should feel all of those first things from within, not from how the outside is looking. It’s pretty brave to love yourself HOW YOU ARE in a society that’s constantly telling you not to. I don’t know how many more times I’m gonna see advertisements for botox, new ways to contour your face, more more and MORE makeup products on sale and young girls spending their money on lip fillers when they were perfect anyway!!!

Use your mind to express your true self.

Makeup is an art nowadays and I’m all for it it’s beautiful, but my goal is to help people feel just as good without is as they do with it. Of course, makeup can be a way of expression as well as fashion – but nowadays people seem too scared to be bold with it and wear things how they want. Too many people follow the same trends rather than just being themselves.

Now I just as much as anyone LOVES to get glammed up with the girls to look fabulous and have fun, but my point is I want girls to go out on a day to day feeling as good as they would dolled up confident as hell when they are bare faced with a birds nest on their head!

Sweat pants hair tied chilling with no make up on, that’s when u the prettiest i hope that you don’t take it wrong :L

What made me even more sad was the amount of people who didn’t feel comfortable enough to be a part of this due to bad skin or looking rough – u r luuuush. It doesn’t have to be like that because, when it comes to it people are gonna love you for you, not how you look. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the more you love yourself and embrace your unique self, flaws included – the beautifuller and realer you will be. Instagram for example doesn’t reflect real day to day life and you should know that you are perfect how you are always! Self love is key to a happy mind and life.

You may not be everyone’s cuppa t but who the fuck cares?

Peace An Love to you all happy #InternationalWomensDay #BeYourself

Thank you lovely ladies who got involved

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