Dreams go to Die when You follow others -

We live in a world where you’re constantly told to follow your dreams. But when you share your dreams, you’re told to stop living in a fantasy and to think of something realistic. So what are you to do when most of the people around you aren’t supportive or encouraging of your dreams?
Fuck them, go for it still.

Some people will discourage you of your dreams out of their own fears and small minds, they may never have the strength to follow their own. DON’T let those people rub off on you, or it’s likely you’ll be stuck in a boring job and a lifestyle that doesn’t suit you, forever wondering.
What if?

Approximately 22% of adults do pursue their childhood dream job and 90% of those fall into a category with reports of high job satisfaction. You may not be #1 but the only way to get there would be to continuously work hard to achieve your dreams and never let it go – wouldn’t you rather live your life loving what you do?
Dreams go to Die when you start following others.

I’m writing from a personal perspective because I’ve realised the importance of following your own gut and making your own choices in life. You shouldn’t ever feel obliged to do something, be honest with yourself and do what feels right. It will work out better for you. There will always be people telling you what to do and what not to do but you have to take control of your decisions and focus on what exactly you want. I understand, it’s hard when you share your dreams and aspirations with the ones closest to you for them to just kill your vibe and shut you down. But let that shit motivate you and prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving your ‘fairyland’ dreams. Family, they might just want to keep you wrapped up and safe forever they don’t mean any harm. Haters, they’re scared of what you are capable of, so show them.
When they see that you are serious, their support will follow.

Sometimes you will have to make decisions other people might not like but that’s on them, not you. So do what feels right and be selfish for the sake of your life.
First of many blogs this is just the beginning of my journey, ft random pics.
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