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Do you ever get those days where you reallyyy don’t wanna get out of bed in the mornings? You just feel like a stone with no emotion yet you push through and use all of your energy to get up and get through the day?
The world still turns, the busses and trains all the same so you put on your sane face and get ready to smash the day.
Although you really wished you could stay in bed you didn’t.Imagine if you did? You would miss the birds singing in the sky (or seagulls taunting the city commuters) the dogs and joggers runnings by, nor would you get to feel the sunshine on a sunny day or the rain when it’s grey.
Life may not be playing out the exact way you had imagined, and you may be going off track, but as long as you give yourself something to focus on and a reason to get up and do something - then things will work themselves out and you will have reasons to smile. It’s always good to have something to look forward to and the opportunities Grassroots offer to young people could be that reason for you to get up.
Now regardless of what you’re doing and who you’re with, the main thing is to get yourself up and out there in the world. Challenge yourself to new things you may never have believed you could do, you’ll probably fail at first but you’ll only learn from your mistakes and improve.
Being able to meet with high skilled workers enables you to learn from the best and get inspired - the opportunities Grassroots offer to young people in Cardiff enable them to do just that. From creative arts, music and photography to sports like bouldering, climbing and coasteering. Weather you’re looking to broaden your horizons or just a chance to clear your mind and hang out with your friends, Grassroots is where it’s at.
Last Thursday, 7 young people got the chance to go to Boulders Indoor Climbing Centre to prepare themselves for Coasteering in July. Not only does climbing train you physically, it also trains you mentally to overcome the challenges in front of you. Many people call climbing “problems” because it can be very difficult deciding which is the right path to climb up, therefore it’s a great way to improve problem solving skills. As well as that it is the perfect way to train your mind to be more focussed as it
takes great focus reach the goal of scaling up the rocks in the quickest, most effective way possible.

Now if you can take anything from this let it please be:

  - 1)When you’re stuck in a rut don’t give up, remember there are always opportunities out there somewhere but you have to go find them.
  - 2)Challenge yourself to broaden your horizons and do something different.
  - 3)By being around new people and hanging out in unfamiliar environments you will find inspiration and want to better yourself as an individual.
Anyway, check out my favourite photographs from Boulders below-

Anddddd relax!

If you'd like to view more pictures follow the link below ---

Or to find out more about what Grassroots do ---

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